Sparkling Dishes without Phosphate


Some things in life don’t change: people love convenience. Dishwashers make our everyday lives easier. After a long day and a nice dinner, dishwashers help us with our cleaning responsibilities, while also giving us a chance to prepare for the next day. 



To achieve perfectly clean and sparkling glasses and dishes, consumers trust in their automatic dishwashing detergent. A balanced formulation of the numerous ingredients is necessary to ensure excellent cleaning results. One of these components are chelating agents. Together with other compounds, such as polymers they bind the water-hardness ions (Ca2+ and Mg2+), which would otherwise leave scale on the washed dishes. In conventional dishwashing tablets, phosphate fulfilled this function. However, EU regulations stipulate that phosphate will be virtually prohibited for this application in Europe from 2017 because of environmental concerns. In the United States, 16 states have already banned phosphate for this application since 2010.

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Trilon® M – The High-performance Phosphate Alternative for Automatic Dishwashing Detergents


Experts at BASF have been researching and developing alternatives to phosphate in anticipation of the new regulation. The alternative was found in Trilon® M. The high-performance alternative to phosphate prevents scale on the washed dishes and improves the overall cleaning performance. At the same time, it is readily biodegradable and fulfills the criteria of the EU-Ecolabel. The innovative product is based on methylglycinediacetic acid (MGDA) and is available globally in liquid and solid form for dishwashing tablets and gels. Consumers can thus enjoy sparkling glasses and dishes with every dishwashing cycle while protecting the environment.

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Enabling Choices with the new Types

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Besides the high-performance phosphate alternative Trilon® M, BASF also offers the innovative, technologically advanced Trilon® M Max. In addition to the properties of Trilon® M, this second-generation solution offers further advantages in terms of formulation flexibility and esthetic choice for automatic dishwashing detergent. Trilon® M Max also allows more compact product formats.


With Trilon® Ultimate there is also an innovative 2-in-1 solution available. This product is based on
Trilon® M Max and provides special effects in addition to the properties of the innovative chelating agent. The Trilon® Ultimate granules offer advantages such as improved stability of the dishwashing tablet or extra glass protection, to keep consumers’ glasses sparkling even after a large number of dishwashing cycles.