Keeping Colors Bright


Shopping bags full of new clothing – great joy!  To maintain this joy, your brand new clothes should look new for a long time. But frequent wear and washing can cause textile colors to lose their initial brilliance. Modern color detergents can overcome this issue, but require special ingredients to achieve these effects. 



With Sokalan® HP 56 types and Sokalan® HP 66 K for liquid laundry or powder detergents, BASF offers polymers that prevent bleeding dyes from staining other garments in the washing cycle and therefore contribute significantly to the development of high-performance color detergents. These polymers act as dye transfer inhibitors (DTI) that grab the released dye molecules of the colored textiles to prevent them from redepositing on the fabrics in the washing cycle.  

As a result, the new clothes keep their original color. This contributes to sustainable development by extending the life cycle of the colored textiles and makes new clothing look like new for longer. 

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Convenience and Resource Efficiency

In addition, Sokalan® HP dye transfer inhibitors provide another advantage regarding convenience and resource efficiency: Since textiles retain their color, consumers do not need to carefully sort their textiles before washing. This also contributes to convenience and sustainable development by reducing the number of washing cycles, which in turn saves water and energy.


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