Antigraying in
Commercial Laundry


You are having dinner at one of the best restaurants in town but the waiter is wearing a washed-out white shirt. There’s something wrong with this picture?



Whether it’s the waiter’s white shirt at the restaurant or the hotel employee’s uniform: Perfectly clean and white textiles are a must in commercial laundry. No matter if they are made of cotton or polyester – white textiles should look new, spotless, and bright for a long time.

Intense research for innovative solutions was carried out to fulfill these multiple needs and achieve long-term antigraying and cleaning of textiles while saving resources. The solution was found in
Sokalan® HP 20. The performance polymer actively removes soil from clothes and prevents graying even at lower washing temperatures. 

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Extending the Life Cycle of White Textiles



Therefore, Sokalan® HP 20 contributes to sustainable development by saving energy in the washing process and at the same time extends the life cycle of white cotton and polyester textiles in commercial laundry. So that next time you’re enjoying your dinner at the restaurant, the waiter’s clothes won’t detract from the perfect picture.

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