Water Soluble Polymers


We offer dedicated water soluble polymers for the Home Care and Industrial & Institutional cleaning industry to enable choices for the required properties and functions, such as surface modification, improved rinsing and drying, scale inhibition, soil release, anti-redeposition, and rheology modification. 




Used in laundry detergents, the special polymer Sokalan® HP 20 helps to prevent the redisposition of soil from the washing liquor onto the textiles. This prevents graying of white textiles and helps to keep colors bright. It can also be used as a stain booster for certain bleachable and particulate soils. 

Find out more about the sustainable innovation for antigraying in commercial laundry.

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Color Care

The dye transfer inhibitors Sokalan® HP 56 types and
Sokalan HP® 66 K
prevent bleeding dyes from staining other garments in the washing cycle and contribute significantly to the development of high-performance color detergents, which make clothes look like new for longer. 

Find out more about the sustainable innovation to keep colors bright.

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Convenient Cleaning

For effective hard surface cleaners that support the trend toward convenient cleaning, BASF offers various special polymers. With the surface modification polymers Polyquart® Ecoclean, Polyquart® 149 and Polyquart® PRO A, high-quality cleaners can be formulated that enable glossy surfaces and easy-to-clean-again effects. 


Enabling Choices with our Water Soluble Polymers

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