Optical Effect Products
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We offer dedicated optical effect products for the Home Care and Industrial & Institutional cleaning industry to enable choices for the required properties and functions, such as whiteness in fabric laundry and stabilizers for ingredient protection. 



Whiteness in Fabric Laundry

Whitening claims such as “makes fabrics white and bright”, “restores intense whiteness”, or “gets clothes whiter than white and keeps colors vibrant” continue to proliferate in the laundry market and appear repetitively across all product categories including the new innovative formats such as liquid tabs and super concentrated liquid detergents.

Whiteness in fabric laundry is achieved successively by three processes which can be represented as a whiteness pyramid: Base White, Brightness and Shading.

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Brilliant White

Clean, stain-free, base-whitened fabric is a prerequisite for efficient whitening. Tinopal® optical brighteners absorb UV and emit blue light to compensate for the inherent yellow cast of textile substrates and produce brilliant neutral whites. The blue tinted Tinolux® range of photo-catalytic systems (PCS) add photo-bleaching and shading effects to further enhance this brilliant, blue-white perception.
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Stabilizers for Ingredient Protection

Sophisticated formulations, wider use of sensitive, natural compounds, and increasingly complex fragrance compositions have led to great demands being placed on product stability which make protection and effective inhibition of degradation processes more important. 

We offer a wide range of stabilizers tailored to the needs of the laundry detergent industry, which help to achieve sufficient shelf life, even with today’s highly complex formulations.

The Tinogard® and Cibafast® UV light-stabilizers protect from both light-induced decomposition (e.g., transparent packaging) and oxidation-related degradation. They efficiently protect color, fragrance, and other light-sensitive ingredients from photolytic degradation thanks to their highly effective broadband absorption. A unique characteristic of these benzotriazole-based products is that the absorption spectrum is opti­mized in relation to the optical properties of typical packaging materials, acting where the packaged formulation is most vulnerable: in the UV-A range.

Enabling Choices with our Optical Effect Products and Stabilizers

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