Nonionic Surfactants


We offer dedicated nonionic surfactants for the Home Care and Industrial & Institutional cleaning industry to enable choices for the required properties and functions, such as soil removal, foaming and foam control, wetting, emulsification and dispersion. The choices range from alcohol ethoxylates, alkyl polyglucosides, amine ethoxylates, emulsifiers, and solubilizers to foam suppressors and low-foaming nonionic surfactants, as well as special surfactants and unsaturated alcohol ethoxylates. 



Efficient Primary Cleaning in Laundry 

Lutensol® AO types are oxo alcohol ethoxylates that are based on predominantly linear alcohols. Depending on their degree of ethoxylation, some products in the range can be used as the principal surfactants in laundry detergents in powder form. They provide good results at all temperatures, and perform especially well on cotton fabrics and blends of cotton and synthetic fibers. Lutensol® AO 7 can especially be used for efficient primary cleaning in liquid laundry detergents and highly concentrated formats such as liquid mono dose or pods. 

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Excellent Wetting

Quick and easy cleaning is a requirement for cleaners in household and institutional cleaning. The low-foaming nonionic surfactant Dehypon® WET provides these benefits because of its excellent wetting behavior, which results in a fast acting, high soil removal feature. It also reduces fogging on windows and mirrors. Dehypon® WET is compatible with all types of surfactants and suitable for acidic and alkaline cleaners. 

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Foam Control

Dehydem® Supra is the professional partner for a multitude of industrial and institutional cleaning tasks: Smart and effective foam control even at low temperatures while providing visible cleaning benefits. Because it is easy to formulate in water-based solutions, Dehydem® Supra provides versatility for a wide range of formulations.

Enabling Choices with our Nonionic Surfactants

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