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We offer dedicated chelating agents for the Home Care and Industrial & Institutional cleaning industry to enable choices for the required properties and functions such as controlling the concentration of metal ions in the aqueous phase, softening hard water, stabilizing bleach systems, and stain removal. 



The High-performance Phosphate Alternative for Automatic Dishwashing Detergents

With Trilon® M, BASF offers the high-performance alternative to phosphate for automatic dishwashing detergents. The chelating agent prevents and dissolves scale on washed dishes and improves the overall cleaning performance. At the same time, it is readily biodegradable and meets the criteria of the EU-Ecolabel. 

The innovative, product is based on methylglycinediacetic acid (MGDA) and available globally in liquid and solid form for dishwashing tablets and gels. As a result, consumers can enjoy sparkling glasses and dishes with every dishwashing cycle, while protecting the environment.
Find out more about the sustainable innovation for sparkling dishes without phosphate.

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