We offer dedicated biocides for the Home Care and Industrial & Institutional cleaning industry to enable choices for the required properties and functions such as disinfection, odor control, and product preservation. 



Protecting Our Health and Products 

Biocides and microbial control products are an essential component of everyday life. They are used to prevent hygiene issues in Home Care and I&I settings by controlling and reducing harmful and unwanted organisms, such as bacteria, yeasts, molds, algae, and viruses. They protect against spreading germs, especially where a risk of cross contamination (transferring bacteria from one source to another) exists. As in-can preservatives they protect consumer and technical products from microbial activities and growth resulting in product damage and reduced storage stability.

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Sanitation and Disinfection of Surfaces

Surfaces in institutions like hospitals need to be not only clean but also free of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, the effective and powerful disinfection of surfaces is key. BASF’s biocides portfolio provides solutions for efficient and fast disinfection for example with the help of Protectol® GA 50 AS (glutaraldehyde). The use of BASF’s biocides covers a large field of sanitation and disinfection uses in hospital and industrial settings including food processing industries and farms.

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Hygiene in Laundry

Washing at low temperatures has several advantages in terms of saving energy and protecting the cherished clothes. But it also increases challenges in terms of hygiene and odor-control of the washed textiles. With the help of effective antimicrobial agents such as Tinosan® HP 100, detergent formulations can be developed to efficiently and hygienically clean laundry even at low washing temperatures, which keeps clothes looking and feeling new for a long time. 

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene plays a major role in protecting people against diseases caused by infectious microorganisms. Using disinfectant hand washes or hand rubs is a simple and effective measure to curb the spread of harmful microorganisms in hospitals, public toilets, kitchens in canteens and restaurants, and manufacturing facilities for products susceptible to microbial contamination. 

BASF’s biocides portfolio provides solutions for efficient hand disinfection and long-lasting antimicrobial protection of the skin for example with Protectol® NP S (n-propanol). Compared with other biocidal alcohols, ethanol and isopropanol, Protectol® NP S offers superior bactericidal activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It can be used alone or in combination with ethanol and/or isopropanol in hygienic hand rubs to protect against bacteria, yeasts, and viruses in medical and other industrial and institutional cleaning applications.


Enabling Choices with our Biocides

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BASF is a member of the Microbial Control Executive Council (MCEC), a sector group of Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council. MCEC is committed to the betterment of public health through the advancement of sustainable microbial control technologies.

The sector group launched the new Microbial Control Information Center (MCIC) website Open and free to the public, the website is dedicated to exploring the world of microbial control and offers an online knowledge-sharing platform for the latest advancements in sustainable, advanced microbial control.

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