Add the Power of Lavergy®

Consumers trust in the performance of their detergents and cleaners when it comes to removing stains from their little mishaps in day-to-day life. This is why they expect products that clean efficiently, are safe and convenient to use and contribute to sustainable development.

To fulfill these needs, we offer you a new choice for your formulations by adding the power of Lavergy®, the new detergents enzymes from BASF.

Lavergy® enzymes are developed based on our capabilities in enzyme discovery, screening, modification, and comprehensive knowledge. With Lavergy®, we combine enzymes and chemistry to enable sustainable performance for your formulations today and in the future.



The combination of the new high-performance protease Lavergy® Pro 104 L with the Sokalan® HP 20 polymer enable the formulation of high-performance liquid laundry detergents to reach the next level of low temperature washing. 

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1-0 against stains – BASF solutions get laundry clean at low temperatures

Adding the Power of Lavergy®

We combine enzymes and chemistry to enable sustainable performance


  • Enabling choices for your formulations
  • Boosting performance for your differentiation in the market
  • Leveraging synergies with enzymes and chemistry 
  • Enhancing sustainability through resource efficiency

The new Concept for low temperature washing

Add the Power of Lavergy® Pro 104 L to your liquid detergents

Little changes in consumer behavior like washing at lower temperatures can make a big difference for the environment. But consumers will only make this change if they do not need to compromise on performance.

Lavergy® Pro 104 L is the new protease developed by BASF that provides enhanced performance through the combination of enzyme and the polymer Sokalan® HP 20.

This innovative combination offers a broad range of benefits for liquid laundry detergents, especially at low washing temperatures between 20° and 30° C.


  • Enhanced stain removal of bleachable and clay stains with the polymer and protease sensitive stains such as egg, blood, milk
  • Surfactant boosting and cleaning advantages
  • Easy formulation and stabilization effects
  • Enhancing sustainability through high performance at low washing temperatures


To fulfill these needs, we offer you a new choice for your formulations.

Lavergy® Pro 104 L will be available in liquid form. It is suitable for the formulation of liquid laundry detergents and gels.

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We combine enzymes and chemistry to enable the next level of low temperature washing with Lavergy® Pro 104 L.

If low temperatures and high performance liquid detergents are no longer a contradiction it’s because at BASF we create chemistry.